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The Intranet solution is a Custom made Solution made to meet your specific business needs.

The Intranet is information focused. It is a basic platform used to securely distribute information to employees and thus, acts as a repository. Information is dispersed by a few and consumed by all. Examples include policies, leave requests, expense forms and announcements.

Increases the relevance and value of information
Makes information available throughout the organization
Optimizes information distribution
Creates and distributes information to the right audience
Makes the right information available to the right people

Increases the relevance and value of information by personalizing the delivery of content. The advanced search capabilities saves users' time and the Intranet ensures that the user's experience is always up-to-date. Consequently, accelerating updates to all users and making sure they work with current data.

Makes information available throughout the organization keeping all employees informed and with access to the same content.

Optimizes information distribution by configuring the best possible delivery in order to maximize efficacy as well as velocity in retrieval, storage and execution.

Creates and distributes information to the right audience by targeting the relevance of content with each of the organization's employees.

Makes the right information available to the right people by only providing the content that is relevant to the user to perform their role in the organization.


  • Workforce productivity: Intranets can help users to locate and view information faster and use applications relevant to their roles and responsibilities.
  • Time: With intranets, organizations can make more information available to employees on a "pull" basis rather than being deluged indiscriminately by emails.
  • Communication: Intranets can serve as powerful tools for communication within an organization, vertically and horizontally. From a communications standpoint, intranets are useful to communicate strategic initiatives that have a global reach throughout the organization.
  • Web publishing allows 'cumbersome' corporate knowledge to be maintained and easily accessed throughout the company using hypermedia and Web technologies.
  • Business operations and management: Intranets are also being used as a platform for developing and deploying applications to support business operations and decisions across the internet worked enterprise.
  • Cost-effective: Users can view information and data via web-browser rather than maintaining physical documents such as procedure manuals, internal phone list and requisition forms.
  • Promote common corporate culture: Every user is viewing the same information within the Intranet. Enhance Collaboration: With information easily accessible by all authorized users, teamwork is enabled.

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