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Logo Designing

Spider Designers has created an effective and efficient logo design process. Once our designers have created your initial concepts all you have to do is choose the logo designs you want to further develop and give our design team your feedback. Each design change will refine your new logo until you are 100% satisfied.

Once finalized we will send you the master file formats and you can begin using your logo for any type of use.

Select A Package And Fill Out Our Creative Brief

Select the design package that best fits your needs. This will bring you to our creative brief form that you will need to fill out. The creative brief will give our design team a much better understanding of your business and allow them to develop a solid creative direction.

Once your creative brief has been submitted, our project manager will contact you to review your project. This will be a good opportunity to discuss your logo project a little further and share any additional ideas you may have.

Creative Brainstorm Session

Our design team will get together as a group and discuss your project to develop the best way to communicate your business visually and create a lasting impression. Many on-line design companies skip this step, but it is the most important part of developing a solid brand. If at any time during this brainstorm session our team has questions your team leader will contact you. Communication is key during this stage of the design process.

Designers Create Your Initial Logo Concepts

Next, each logo designer creates 2 to 3 custom logo designs that they feel would best represent your business. These are then reviewed by our project manager who makes sure that each design conveys the right message. All our logo designers work in-house.

Each Spider Designer has their own unique style and way of designing logos. This is important during the initial design stage because it will ensure that you receive different points of view and also means you have many different samples to choose from. All our logo designs are custom created for your company, we do not use any pre-made or clipart images.

Initial Logo Design Concepts Displayed To You

Once our project manager accepts all the design concepts that our logo designers have developed for your company they are posted on a private viewing display page. This display page is available to you 24/7 and can be accessed from any computer system. It is recommended that you go over each design and choose the elements from the designs that appeal to you and request changes to these designs.

Feedback And Review Process

We are committed to your full satisfaction, this custom design process of review and revision will continue until you are 100% satisfied with your final logo design. Each round of design changes will narrow your selection to the perfect logo design for your business. Added to this is the fact that you have direct communication with our logo designers at anytime.


After you finalize your logo we will send you all master vector files in high resolution along with all file formats needed to start using your new logo. You will never have any issues reproducing in any size or for any type of reproduction. We will also release all design rights to you so you may trademark your design at anytime.

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