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We provide efficient and complete security solutions for the companies, who concern about their threat protection and people safety, needed to be integrated with various security solutions, including access control, biometric security, CCTV systems, face-recognition and other solutions. Our success is backed by a strong business oriented philosophy, providing protection, safety and security solutions to all security pre-qualified dealers, security firms and organizations. Spider's evaluation process gained the reputation in the region by offering high quality security products and safety services. Business today is getting more complex and the need for integration in every aspect is dominant, not only as the threat to efficiency but also a threat to security. Every business, from the smallest outlet to the biggest enterprise needs to have a certain degree of protection where it is supported by expertise and professionalism.


Spider is provider of high-performance closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, digital and analog storage solutions, network-based remote video surveillance and multiplexer to cater for not only high end, but also medium and low-end requirements. Our security systems are designed to complement the manpower security and/ or function independently. The systems assist in surveillance and movement control even in rough weathers and odd hours. All the systems offered are future proof, capable of expanding and upgrading from time to time.

Quality installation is of prime importance in satisfactory function of security system. We have a team of experienced technical support team who would ensure the right implementation of paper design on the site for a long and trouble free operation. Today when most of the systems are software driven, our software engineers customize the front end to best suit the client's requirement and give them value for money.


We provide a highly secure Biometric & Cards based access control system designed to protect access to secure areas or restricted zones in a building. Our security turnkey solutions comprise hardware and custom-tailored systems to efficiently control secure access of persons, cars, trucks and heavy machinery to building sites, offices, warehouses, parking lots and other facilities. All products are backed up by our excellent customer service.

Access control is very much site specific, there is no common off-the-shelf access system that will meet every need. It is essential that before installing a system all considerations are taken into account and designed accordingly.

Our Security Consultant will inspect your premises and discuss your needs with you, then recommend the ideal method of access control. Our consultant will ensure the recommendation will be compatible with existing working practices and with emergency procedures, for example evacuation of premises in the event of a fire.

Access control systems can function as stand-alone or through an online networked PC based system that provides the user with flexibility to restrict the access of individuals to certain areas of a site, create reports on staff attendance times and generally monitor activities throughout the controlled area.


Time App. is modular application which provides you with real time information about presence and absence for all your employees, with no limits to complexity of your organizational structure, number of employees and separated locations your company might have. Due to different nature of working environments time calculation is based on two separated principles; flexible time calculation and fixed time calculation.

Biometric identification is becoming practical, affordable and widely used. It brings three important benefits:

  • Convenience of not having to carry keys or cards.
  • Elimination of risks coming from lost or stolen cards or keys.
  • Identity fraud prevention, like "buddy punching"

The most popular biometric method today is fingerprint identification, due to its superior combination of strength, affordability, maturity, convenience and ease of use.


Spider Designers commitment to customer satisfaction has led to the creation of a dedicated support group whose focus is to provide Spider's clients with post implementation services. Such services include requests for repairs, preventive maintenance, training, system upgrades, software updates and system expansions.

The team offers thorough support programs, from time and material services to on-site support teams for the most challenging environments.

Our Technical support team is located in Abu Dhabi, facilitating a prompt response. The team offers 24/7 hr support, with 4hr response time.


Spider excels and is regionally known for the design and implementation of professional surveillance systems.

Spider's knowledgeable team will provide the best solution for every project, assuring appropriate and competent system, bearing all the variables (time, cost, infrastructure) in mind, accompanied with complete handover and training.

Over time systems have technically evolved from pure hardware solutions, to hybrid hardware and software solutions, and today is predominantly pure software driven solutions.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction has brought numerous successful challenges in networking, operating systems, applications and IT infrastructure.

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